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KTN / Ktns bersama er6
« on: 26 September , 2018, 13:28:34 PM »
Aiseh, Bhg Ktns ni kosong je.
Nah belanja satu movie , ktns tour dgn er6.

Cadangan Ride / Campmeet 2018, Lata Lembik 10-11 Mac 2018
« on: 12 January , 2018, 08:38:54 AM »
Campmeet Lata Lembik. 10-11 mac 2018
Di syorkan kita join activity ini. Datang dengan nama MBC. Ride dlm group mbc ke tempat ini, Lata Lembik. Bermalam dalam kemah. Bawa sendiri.


Modenas / Demak / Modenas Pulsar pertama ke 1000 corners
« on: 11 January , 2018, 11:40:57 AM »
Modenas Pulsar ns200 ini adalah yang pertama berjaya ditunggang ke Thousand corners. Sijil pengiktirafan diperolehi pada 23hb Disember 2017.

Riders Garage / MBC has returned. The young boys are now older, but wiser.
« on: 10 January , 2018, 22:47:20 PM »
Its been so many years since we started off this forum room, tines when facebook was unheard off. Forum rooms like mbc was considered the best source for bike related info in Malaysia in the early 2000s. At one time membership at MBC had even clocked over 50,000 members but somehow along the line as internet progresses with introduction of smart phones and various apps and social media, forum rooms went on a decline untill finally disappeared altogether.

MBC has now returned,  this time it will come with a bigger bang, and stay on the net for a much longer time.

Abg Acid

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